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 Joan Humble OAM

Joan started her painting career in London in 1972 studying under Frank Walter, an excellent Adult Education teacher who has influenced her teaching methods for the past 40 years.  Joan delights in portraying the moods and beauty of Tasmania, resulting from close observation and many field trips.  She has a strong interest in water in all its forms.

Her prizes and awards are too numerous to list, but the standouts are A Medal of the Order of Australia “For services to the visual arts as a Landscape artist”, the Gold Memorial Bowl awarded to one of her miniatures by the Royal Miniature Society in London, and twice being a finalist for the John Glover Prize.

Lindy Whitton.png

Lindy Whitton

Lindy Whitton is a Tasmanian based, visual artist whose work is heavily influenced by the coast and waterways. Her principle mediums are pastels and acrylics although she enjoys experimenting with inks, watercolours and collage. Lindy is a largely self-taught artist and has supplemented extensive reading, gallery and museum attendance at major international institutions, and daily art practice with participation in many workshops with well-regarded Australian artists. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with others through tutoring, her website and You Tube Channel. Her tutoring style is one of supporting students through theory discussion, demonstration, and one-on-one constructive critique as they find their own style and subject preferences. Lindy has won awards and held successful solo exhibitions but feels her biggest achievement is seeing students progress in knowledge, skills and confidence.


Felicity Lovett 

Felicity Lovett is a Hobart-based visual artist and art tutor, working primarily within the field of painting and drawing. Felicity completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012, and was awarded First-Class Honours in Painting in 2014. She works primarily in oil and acrylic paint on a medium to large scale, but also maintains an ongoing drawing practice. Her work frequently addresses sociological themes around self-presentation, gender, and consumerism, and features the human form, interiors, social customs and relationships.  She favours a bold and gestural style that highlights the physical, transformative nature of painting, with high emphasis placed on the play of light and colour. Felicity has is passionate about art education, has been tutoring since 2015. She has been involved in a number of group and self-directed exhibitions and prizes, and was recently the grateful recipient of the Artery Emerging Artist Award, 2017.

Ange Cooper.png

Ange Cooper

Ange Cooper is a BFA graduate from the art school of Tasmania (UTAS) where she majored in printmaking and painting.
Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Ange grew up in the suburbs where she was surrounded by bushland and sea. Her passion for the natural environment hasn’t faltered and for many years her connection with the Tasmanian landscape has been her main conceptual concern in her art practice.
She works not only with the visual detail of a location but also the mood and atmosphere of a place.
Since completing her BFA in 2010, Ange has participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions and has been selected for different art prizes including The Glover prize and Burnie Print prize.

Tanya profile crop.jpg

Tanya Scharaschkin

Dr Tanya Scharaschkin is a botanist, artist and teacher. Her research focuses on plant structure and evolutionary history of plants. Much of her artwork combines science and art. Her earlier work is traditional botanical art, but in recent work she has started combining different media and is experimenting with different perspectives and scales, including cellular detail.

Tanya conducts classes and workshops as a way of sharing her enthusiasm for plants. She hopes her art will inspire others to not only admire the beauty of plants but also develop an understanding and appreciation for the biology of plants. 

Mel photo crop.jpg

Mel Hills

Mel Hills is a locally grown artist from the East Coast of Tasmania. From an early age, Mel  had a strong connection to country and a keen interest in everything about it, initially directed by a fascination with birds. A need to explore, discover and understand has underpinned many travels and led to linking studies in zoology and botany with scientific illustration. Some say science and art are incompatible, but to Mel they are inseparable and highly complimentary. Both require observation, curiosity and discipline.

Mel specialises in natural history art including scientific illustration, wildlife art and landscapes.

Observational drawing is a fundamental basis for the exploration  process required to create all Mel's images.

Mel delights in opportunities to share her knowledge and passion with others through whatever media is available. Every exploration is an adventure!

Lynne photo 2.png

Lynne Brown

Lynne is an experienced watercolour artist who has sold work nationally and exhibited in both in Tasmania and on the mainland.  Her passion is for portraying Tasmania’s wild landscapes and unique light and atmosphere.

Some of Lynne’s most recent awards include the Art Society of Tasmania Award for Best Use of Media 2019, the Rotary Hobart Art Show Viewer’s Choice 2018, the Art Society of Tasmania Annual Exhibition People’s Choice 2018,  and the Combined Art Societies of Tasmania 2018 Hanger’s Choice Prize.

Lynne loves using the unique qualities of watercolour to convey mood and atmosphere in her landscapes. She also enjoys painting a wide range of other subjects and working in other mediums including acrylic and mixed media. Lynne loves experimenting and trying new techniques and materials and incorporating them into her art practice.  She has attended many workshops and courses in Australia and overseas and painted on location in Europe.  Watercolour artists that have inspired and influenced her work include Ev Hales, Joseph Zbukvic and Tony Smibert.


Leanne Halls

About me! Born in Australia, I spent a number of years working abroad in Japan. It was during this time that I was exposed to various kinds of traditional Japanese art and design. My passion for art led me to pursue tutelage under master of Japanese art forms and western oil painting. It was through the encouragement of my oil teacher Stavros Papantoniu that I pursued a career in art by enrolling in the Julian Ashton Art School, floursishing under the tutelage of Ben Smith, Dianne Dwyer and Frank Giacco.

Finalist in a number of awards including Glover Art Prize, Lloyd Rees Art Prize, Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, Lethbridge 10,000 Art Prize and others.

Learn more about Leanne at her website: and YouTube:

Amber pic.png

Amber Koroluk Stephenson

Amber Koroluk-Stephenson is a visual artist whose practice draws on the intersections between natural and built environments to explore complexities surrounding Australian identity and landscape, structures of facade, and paradoxes of taming or staging the landscape. Working across painting, sculpture and collage, her work plays on the contrasts between natural and artificial, interior and exterior, the familiar and strange to fulfil the human desire to connect with nature and make visible what is out of sight.

Since graduating from the Tasmanian School of Art with a BFA (Honours) in 2010, Amber has held

numerous solo and group exhibitions. Recent solo exhibitions include Breaking Horizons, Bett Gallery

(2020), Middleground, Bett Gallery (2018), Shadows on the Wall, Anna Pappas Gallery (2017), and

Homeland, Devonport Regional Gallery (2017).

Amber has also been selected for a number of Australian prizes including The Churchie National

Emerging Artist Prize, Tidal National Art Award, Redlands Art Award, Albany Art Prize, Portia Geach

Memorial Award, Ravenswood Art Prize and Glover Prize.

KimPen Pang

KPP crop.jpg

KimPen, originally from Singapore, was first interested in drawing and later in dance working professionally in stage choreography and teaching classical ballet and modern Chinese movements.

After moving to Australia he developed an interest in ceramics in Queensland, making both sculptural forms and wheel work and also taught art.

Moving to Hobart, he put all his paper and clay interests aside to pursue a 9 to 5 job.

After a long break, in 2019 KimPen brought out his pens and brushes again. He took up urban sketching and now enjoys challenging himself to work quickly and simply - having fun and sharing his working ideas.

He also loves plein air painting and is an active member of Urban Sketchers Hobart and POGO - Painters Of The Great Outdoors.

Along the way he graduated from UTAS in fine art and education.

Fiona bio pic.webp

Fiona Verdouw

Tasmanian artist Fiona Verdouw enjoys connecting people with where they’ve been.

Rather than documenting grand landmarks and destinations, her work focuses more on what is discovered along the way.

Depicting views through trees, scatterings of leaves and misty mountain-tops seen from hiking tracks around Tasmania, Fiona combines her love of wilderness and nature to create oil paintings of her experiences in landscapes which an audience can also feel a connection with.

Drawing upon Tasmania’s unique colour palette, Fiona’s work emphasises distinctive shapes found within landscapes to simplify scenery and highlight her favoured subject matter: Trees.

Fiona has shown work in exhibitions across Australia; being selected as a finalist in the Henry Jones Art Prize in Hobart and The Little Things Art Prize in Sydney on multiple occasions. Recently featured in Australian Home Beautiful magazine, her paintings have also been used on the set of a forthcoming TV series for the ABC.


Learn more about Fiona at her website:

Barbara Etter

Barb Etter pic crop.jpg

Barbara is the creator of Animalia Art and specialises in commissioned pet portraits, human portraits
and wildlife art (including birds). See
Barbara particularly likes to paint dogs and birds. The majority of her pet portraits are undertaken in
pastels but she also works more broadly in acrylic, scratchboard, acrylic pouring and water colour.
She loves to create people portraits, especially for friends and family.
Barbara loves to teach and share her ideas and techniques. She has tutored for The Colour Circle,
The Art Society of Tasmania and Kickstart Arts.
Barbara has won a number of awards including the following:
September 2019 - Rangers’ or Packers Prize at the annual Poochibald 
October 2020 - Silver Medal in the Australian Society of Miniature Art (ASMA) (Tas) Inc’s National
Online Exhibition Small and Precious
March 2021 - Gold medal in the Portraits and Figures category of the ASMA Inspiration in Miniature
National Exhibition
March 2021 - ASMA Annual Founder’s Award for a consistently high standard of work and for her
significant contribution to the Miniature Society.

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